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Our specialists carry out technical audit of the enterprises. During the technical audit of production assess the current status of the main technological and auxiliary (engineering) equipment company.

According to the results of the technical audit equipment report is issued in convenient for the customer form. The report provides assessment of the technical condition of the equipment according to the degree of its depreciation, residual value, the possibility of its further operation, etc.

If necessary, the composition of expert groups can be incorporated specialists in construction, heating equipment, electric supply, water supply and treatment plants, heating and ventilation, as well as production technology, industrial sanitation and the environment.

Thermal imaging inspection of equipment.

Thermal imaging inspection of electrical equipment.

Technical expertise.

Computer analysis using the powerful bundled software.
The development of a comprehensive analytical report with conclusions about each defect and the General condition of the electrical system.
Recommendations on elimination of defects.

The thermal imaging survey of water supply systems, heating, sewage.

Thermal imaging inspection is one of the most innovative and effective methods of non-destructive quality control of thermal insulation of buildings, construction of structures and utilities, based on the analysis of objects in infrared spectrum, studying the dynamics of thermal processes and the calculation of heat flows.

Thermal imaging inspection of cooling equipment.

Identification of conformity of the design characteristics of the air conditioning system to the real values.
The determination of the actual energy efficiency class of a refrigerating installation.
The determination of the location of defective areas.
Selection of optimum decisions on elimination of losses of cold in its production, transportation and use.

Thermal imaging inspection of mechanical equipment.

Thermal imaging inspection of mechanical equipment allows to reveal
the following types of defects:
- Defects of mechanical equipment caused by insufficient lubrication of parts and assemblies;
- Mechanical damage of parts and components, leading to overheating and malfunctions of units;
- Defects caused by breach of equipment alignment and resulting in overheating of parts and units;
- The identification of working parts and components that have a lower temperature compared with the working                   mechanisms;
-Other types of defects associated with friction and overheating of the machinery.