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The complete set of equipment, material, instrument.

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The distinguishing feature of Rittal products is a wide range of services from product in distribution cabinets, power distribution, climate control and IT infrastructure to engineering and service.Rittal The System -an integrated approach to Your needs: high quality products, prompt service support, convenient tools for working with Rittal products.

The company specializes in the production of power tires, tire holders, power outlets and switch disconnectors with fuse. Wohner products are used in the distribution, protection and control of electric circuits. It guarantees the reliable delivery of electricity to the final consumer.

SIEMENS is one of the largest Russian suppliers of equipment for automation and drives offers integrated solutions for industrial and manufacturing enterprises, standard products/systems for industrial applications, and electrical equipment.

Is a leader in the production of electrical interconnection devices, and electronic interface equipment.

Weidmüller is a specialist in industrial connections, and specializes in solutions for data processing, signal conversion and electricity in an industrial environment. List of electrical products the company has: a connecting device for marking and printing systems, tools, housings of electronic devices, electronic devices, combination devices, and device protection circuits.

The ideal partner in the area of advanced automation technology, measurement and control. Since founding the company in 1969, "IFM electronic" deals with the constant developments in the field of sensors, controllers and systems for industrial automation.

LAPP KABEL is one of the leading suppliers of cable, cable accessories and communication technologies throughout the world.

HELUKABEL designs, manufactures and supplies cable products and components for all branches and spheres of consumption.

The range OF includes more than 30 000 products. We offer You not just quality equipment and practical engineering solutions for installation of cable routes at all levels, to protect from lightning strikes and surge, for mounting and installation, as well as system, preventing the spread of fire along cable routes.

Is a leader in the production of electrical interconnection devices, and electronic interface equipment.