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The provision of auxiliary equipment.

We help clients to solve the issues of planning the installation of process equipment the most convenient and cost effective way.
The company provides: small-scale mechanization and tools, welding equipment, lifts, scaffolding, modular buildings, etc. is an Important component of a comprehensive approach to customer needs and availability of related services: rental, delivery, installation.


Crankshaft electric lifts.

Crank hoist – designed, with compact dimensions, allowing to solve tasks in extremely difficult conditions where other equipment is powerless and ineffective because of design features and dimensions.

Scissor lifts.

Scissor lifts - safety during construction works. Are used for direct vertical lifting. Essential for site work indoors or solution maintenance tasks.

Telescopic boom lifts.

Designed to work with a large horizontal departure, than any other type of aerial platform. The technique is ideal for areas with limited access. Used in construction and industry.



The working process often poses a difficult problem, whose solution is possible only with the use of particular equipment type. Forklifts will allow you to quickly perform the desired functions most effectively and safely.


The telescopic forklift is quite easy to use: the technique is easy to change its position from transport to working condition, without requiring special effort from the staff.