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   Years of experience and established a team of qualified professionals to conduct the Assembly, installation and commissioning allow our company to offer our services regardless of their level of difficulty.

Installation of automation systems.

Installation of food processing equipment.

Installation of technological equipment.

   Our company manufactures mechanical installation of technological equipment in all industries of any complexity with use only modern, innovative tools and technologies. We guarantee high quality when working with mechanical installation of equipment and use only standard system, approved by governmental Supervisory authorities.

   Full complex of works produced in the framework of the installation of automation systems that includes electrical work and low voltage work performed by qualified professionals.

    Produce high-quality installation of individual machines and installations or automated production lines for beverages and foods. As you know, to the installation of equipment for food purposes there are special requirements on quality. Our experts have specialized experience in the execution of such works and appropriate theoretical training.

   Our specialists perform a high quality installation using the most effective equipment and welding semi-automatic machines Z-Master, Cemppy, GF cutters, and other auxiliary tools.

Installation of technological pipelines of any purpose is carried out accurately within the agreed time. Work is carried out by experienced professionals. Quality — guaranteed!

Installation of process pipelines.