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Design and installation of automation systems.

Automation of production process as a whole and its individual elements, is an important prerequisite of competitive production in all industries. The use of ACS allows to improve product quality and productivity while reducing labor costs. Automated management can bring the company to the next level of profitability.

Our company will design ACS of any complexity, mount it on the object and hold commissioning. Highly skilled workers will complete the automation of individual pieces of equipment, industrial units and whole industrial complex. Our specialists have extensive experience in the installation and adjustment of automated systems with the most modern devices and technologies.

As the primary means of control of industrial processes using different devices, sensors and controllers from leading world and domestic manufacturers. Among partners of our company such companies as Siemens, Omron, Danfoss, "ARIES".

Process control, based on the collection and processing of information from primary cells APCS is performed using software based on Step7, CxOne, Supervisor. Used visualization function manufacturing operations can improve the quality of control.

Design and installation of systems of dispatching and monitoring.

SCADA (of the East. from the English. supervisory control and data acquisition, Supervisory control and data acquisition) software package designed for the development or ensure the operation of real-time systems for collecting, processing, displaying and archiving of information on object of monitoring or management. SCADA can be a part of SCADA, metering, system environmental monitoring, scientific experiment, building automation, etc. SCADA systems are used in all sectors of the economy where required to provide operator control of technological processes in real time.